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Albright College features work of Schuylkill-born Broadway set designer | Poconos and Coal Region

“I think that that is one of my favorite designs but also it’s one of my favorite parts of the exhibit because it’s good-looking and kind of exciting,” said Allen Moyer, Broadway set designer.  

An image from the opera Die Fledermaus serves as the opening act, welcoming visitors into colorful, precise panoramas of dozens of shows from across the country and beyond, including 12 Angry Men, The Flying Dutchman and The Mother of us All. 

“Part of the way I chose things for the show were things that I thought were important in my overall career,” Moyer explained. 

Moyer, a Schuylkill Haven native, has designed sets for some of the biggest plays, musicals and operas to ever grace the stage. He says that his surroundings and those who came before him guide his work. 

“In that, I certainly agree,” Moyer said. “If you’re a visual person, you’re affected by everything you see. 

Moyer talked about those who influenced his set designs, but he says he also hopes that the displays can inspire someone else to consider a career in theatre. 

“I started thinking about the positive aspects and one is also because I went to Albright, so maybe that there could be Albright students that could be inspired and also people in the community,” Moyer said.  

His latest project, Paradise Square, will soon take the stage at the Barrymore Theatre in New York City, as he continues to reflect on decades of work. 

“I think that’s remarkable,” Moyer said. “For whatever reason. Against all odds. I don’t exactly know how that happened.” 

Confronting the Empty Space: The Stage Designs of Allen Moyer runs through April 15.

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2022-02-07 23:35:00

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