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Exhibit depicts artist’s relationship to Appalachia and coal mining industry | Tuesday News

FAIRMONT — The J.D. Brooks Gallery Fairmont State University has come to life with images of the coal mining industry via an art exhibit on display through Feb. 4.

The exhibition features a short film titled “Masculine Artifacts” which depicts artist Derek Reese’s relationship to Appalachia and the coal mining industry. Both Reese’s father and grandfather were coal miners, and though Reese ultimately did not follow in their footsteps, it is a livelihood that strongly inspires him to this day. 

“It’s such an amazing opportunity to be able to exhibit this work at the place that gave me my start in my career,” Reese said.
Reese, a native of Morgantown, is currently based in Pittsburgh, but got his start as an adjunct professor at Fairmont State.

“My brothers and I were the first in our family to not be coal miners,” Reese said. “By becoming an artist, I chose to take a completely different direction. Even though I’m not a coal miner, the industry still very much influences the way I think and the way I make art.”

Reese’s film examines the concept of the inner self through the tale of two characters: a fully suited coal miner and a coal miner stripped of his clothes.
“The film is in memorial to my father and my grandfather, but it’s also about searching for yourself,” Reese said. “In addition, the film is set in the background of an abandoned strip mine which represents the exploitation of our labor and our property here in West Virginia.”

Fairmont State Assistant Professor of Art Kylie Ford, who organized the exhibition, said that bringing visiting artists such as Reese to campus gives students access to a visual “blueprint” that will serve them well as they define their own careers as artists.

“I hope Derek’s work shows students new ways of thinking about how they can use their relationship with Appalachia and the notion of place within their work,” Ford said.

Reese’s exhibition is free and open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. A panel discussion correlating with the exhibition will be held from noon–1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 4. Participants may join virtually at

“I’m happy we can house an exhibit as special as Derek’s,” Fairmont State University President Mirta M. Martin said. “This is an exhibit that explores ‘home’ and ‘family,’ and how we refine and define those concepts over time. It’s fitting that Derek’s work found a place with the Falcon family – a school where he once taught and one that he still considers home. I’m grateful to Professor Ford for organizing this exhibit, and for inviting back home a cherished family member.”

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