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Floating home in downtown Vancouver is up for sale

Downtown Vancouver has some of the most expensive land values in the country, but what if there was a way around that?

Like a floating home?

Well, one is for sale right now in Coal Harbour. The 370 square foot abode on the ocean is $370,000; that’s $1,000 per square foot of living space. 

While purchasing the tiny floating structure does mean you own your own home, it doesn’t mean you own what’s underneath. Yearly moorage runs just under $12,000 a year, and there’s a fee for living aboard, which adds another $1,750 per year.

Being that it is a floating home it does have some fun attributes – including that it’s designed to look like a boat. In the ‘Home Facts’ it’s noted that a marina is nearby, which should be an absolute given. Also, the frontage is a mere one feet; that’s not a lot of room for a mailbox. It’s also, technically, a gated community.

Other positives include its location, which is near a lot of things in general, like parks (Stanley is nearby, as is Cardero), restaurants and shopping. It is Coal Harbour, after all.

Pets are also allowed, and no, the local harbour seal that pops by all the time isn’t a pet.

The neighbourhood appears to be small. While the marina has a few floating homes moored there, most of the berths are leisure craft of one sort or another. 

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2021-08-17 22:42:42

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