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How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Torch is the most basic light source in Minecraft. Everybody uses it and knows how important it’s when living without torches. They provide light to prevent hostile mobs from spawning or light up the place for easily building stuff. And today, let’s see how to make a torch in Minecraft!

Three steps to Make a Torch in Minecraft

#1 Obtain 1 Stick

You can get a stick in Minecraft in 4 main ways: crafting, fishing, killing mobs, and breaking blocks. The most common way to get a stick is to chop trees and get some planks (any wood type). Then use 2 planks to craft 4 sticks.

Going fishing can also give you a stick with a 0.5% chance for each cast. Unless you have an AFK fishing farm, consider not choosing this method as the primary way to get sticks in Minecraft!

Only witches in Minecraft can drop 0-6 sticks on death. And they’re really hard to kill due to their high health points and annoying potion-throwing ability. But if you have a witch farm and a Looting III enchantment weapon, you can get up to 15 sticks per witch killed.

All leaves and dead bushes in Minecraft have a really small chance (2%) to drop 0-2 sticks on broken. If you’re speedrunning in the desert biome, this could be a way to obtain sticks!

#2 Obtain 1 Coal/Charcoal

The best way to obtain coal in Minecraft is to go mining on high mountains or under caves, but don’t go too deep because coal ores won’t spawn down there. When you find the coal ores, break them with a non-Silk Touch pickaxe to get 1 coal, and up to 4 coals if you have a Fortune III enchantment.

Because coal is useful in Minecraft, you can find it in literally any chests spawned within the following structures: dungeons, mineshafts, igloos, shipwrecks, strongholds, ancient cities, underwater ruins, villages, and woodland mansions.

Killing wither skeletons can also give you coal with a 33% chance. With Looting III, each wither skeleton can drop up to 4 coal on death.

We suggest using coal for this recipe. But if you want to know how to get charcoal in Minecraft, just cook any log or wood blocks in the furnace. You will get 1 charcoal for each wood block smelted.

#3 Craft a Torch

Press E to open your inventory. Then put a stick right below coal or charcoal to craft 4 torches. A full stack of sticks and coal can give you 4 stacks of torches. Very useful to explore the deep dark caves!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a torch from wood Minecraft?

Yes, you can make a torch from wood in Minecraft! Simply turn the wood into planks and then sticks. Then burn some in the furnace to get charcoal. Finally, craft torches using sticks and charcoal.

How bright is a Minecraft torch?

While every light source in Minecraft has a brightness varying from 0 to 15, torches provide 14 light levels, which means they’re pretty bright compared to most light sources.


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