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Satisfactory: How to Use The Pipe & Fluid System

Satisfactory is a game where players can construct their own factory. Update 3 added a fluid system, so here is a quick guide explaining how it works.

Satisfactory is a game where players can create their own factory on an alien planet. Recently becoming available on Steam, players can create ramps, build several machines and even create vehicles in order to explore the environment. But all of this technology is not made immediately available. Instead, engineers are expected to fill out product orders for Ficsit’s Project Assembly before they gain access to advanced technology.

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Pipes become available after players complete the coal power milestone at tier 3. With pipes appearing alongside coal generators, players will quickly want to master and understand pipes in order to gain a more effective fuel source. But that’s not all pipes will be used for. Pipes will also be used to transport other fluids like crude oil, turbo fuel, etc. So how does this fluid system work?

Fluid Organization and Flow in Satisfactory

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2020-06-21 17:40:35

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