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Trials of ammonia as fuel source to begin in Japan

Trials using ammonia as fuel for power generation to cut carbon dioxide emissions are getting underway in Japan. Ammonia does not emit CO2 when burnt.
Japanese thermal power company Jera will begin testing burning a mixture of coal and ammonia at its power station in central Japan in August.
The project is being conducted in cooperation with heavy machinery maker IHI.
Jera will start by mixing a small amount of ammonia, hoping to raise the co-firing rate to 20 percent in fiscal 2024.
Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is developing a gas turbine that is 100 percent-fueled by ammonia.
Ammonia emits harmful nitrogen oxide when burnt, but the company hopes to cut down the emissions by subtly adjusting the amount of air during combustion.
Mitsubishi aims to put this into commercialize use and employ the system at power stations by about 2025.
The aim is to achieve de-carbonization while operating existing power stations, as criticism of coal-fired power generation has been mounting globally.

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2021-07-18 21:42:56

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