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Nearly 400 gallons of oil spilled near Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor

Two geese received care after exposure to the oil spill; no people were reported to be injured or exposed to the oil spill.

DISCOVERY BAY, Calif. — The Coast Guard, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Contra Costa County Fire Department responded to a diesel spill at Discovery Bay, near Stockton, on Monday morning.

The Coast Guard Sector San Francisco watchstanders received notification around 10 a.m. from the National Response Center that approximately 400 gallons of gasoline spilled near the Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor.

According to the Coast Guard, the leak came from a fuel line in the marina, and the fuel line was shut off after hundreds of gallons spilled. The Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor crew used oil absorbent tools for the area affected by the spill.

The Coast Guard said it is currently investigating the cause of the spill.

University of California Davis, Oiled Wildlife Care Network responded as well to care for the two Canada geese exposed to the oil spill. The Coast Guard said the geese were recovered and taken to a rehabilitation facility.

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network asks that anyone with information regarding more wildlife affected by this oil exposure contact the network at 1-800-823-6926.

No people were reported to be harmed by the oil spill.

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