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Fossil fuels isn’t the only way to energy independence

As the date of this year’s primary election approaches for the 11th Congressional District, it is important to consider where each candidate stands. Most importantly, what issues are their focus as they campaign to represent WNC in the nation’s leading legislative body? This question led me to the campaign website for current State Senator Chuck Edwards, one of the challengers for incumbent Madison Cawthorn, where I found an issue of particular interest: energy independence.

Edwards raises some interesting points about the sourcing of fuels for American energy production. In particular, the practice of relying on large amounts of foreign oil and gas for energy sourcing is one that poses a number of possible challenges, many of which are being exposed daily by fallout from the geopolitical conflict in Ukraine. And yet, Edwards falls short with a number of his claims. Most importantly, he neglects to consider renewable energy sourcing.

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2022-05-15 04:05:48

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