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It’s time to move past fossil fuels — Tanace Matthiesen | Letters to the Editor

We can’t make meaningful progress on climate change if we continue using fossil fuels.

If we do nothing, climate change will wreak havoc on our communities. In Wisconsin, we’ll see increased flooding, crop damage and loss, increased air pollution, dangerously hot days and more.

We have made a lot of progress in recent years on climate action, including announcements by utilities to retire much of Wisconsin’s coal fleet in the past few years. But all of that progress could be lost if the coal is replaced by different fossil fuels. Any new fossil fuel infrastructure will be expensive and lock us into using fossil fuels for decades (infrastructure is expensive, so it needs to run for decades to make it a worthwhile investment).

We have better, cheaper and cleaner alternatives. Investing in wind, solar and battery storage and using less energy through energy efficiency and conservation will replace the need for this infrastructure and save customers’ money. Lets focus on them, not fossil fuels.

Tanace Matthiesen, Madison

Follow along as Phil Hands shows you how he draws his recent Mendota Marsh comic strip. 

Phil Hands | Wisconsin State Journal

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2021-06-27 18:00:00

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