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Letters to the Editor – Fossil fuels, Finnish prime minister, abortion, Texas Rangers

Cut fossil fuels immediately

Re: “Extreme weather is here to stay — From 100-degree days to flooding to wildfires, Texas can expect more of the same,” Tuesday editorial.

Thank you for publishing in your editorial section a wide range of viewpoints on issues that impact all of us. This editorial about extreme weather presented observable facts of increased intense weather events in a neutral stance, without discussion of solutions or remediation of the same. This is an exemplary example of how not to offend or alienate certain sides of your readership.

However, I lack this proverbial talent, as I am concerned with actions to mitigate the climate change we are experiencing firsthand today, as well as for future generations.

An old proverb says, “Surgeons cut, that they may cure.” I recommend we cut fossil fuels from our daily diet immediately, so that we may cure its collective ills as soon as we can. Climate change is not a devious ploy or fantasy designed to cripple our economy or fetter our freedoms. It is as real as the floodwaters in downtown Dallas, the drought across all of Texas and the grass fires all around us.

It does not reside in the future; it resides in our house right now. One other proverb of hope for consideration: “There is a remedy for all things but death.”

Mitchell Kobus, Plano

Judge politicians on work

Re: “Video of leader at party fuels debate — Opinions split on what level of fun is acceptable as she defends actions,” Sunday news story.

Are politicians allowed to be human?

So, Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin likes to dance and have a drink on the weekend; what an amazing story. The only concern really is that she has a friend who let her down by publishing a private moment.

We complain that politicians have no idea of what the life of the general public is like and then condemn them for enjoying themselves.

Of course, these accounts would have been much more confronting if there were videos of JFK and his reported liaisons. It might be concerning if a member of the royal family were caught with their pants down — oh, wait, that was Prince Harry in 2012. There was also the affair of John Profumo, who was the British secretary of state for war, and even former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with his “bunga bunga” parties, whatever they were.

Let’s judge the Finnish prime minister on her performances in Parliament, not what she does on the weekend off duty.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia

Behind the abortion ban

Re: “Roe opponents split on best path — Some want Congress to act, while others say issue belongs to states,” Tuesday news story.

Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Sherman, has finally admitted the truth about the motives of anti-abortionists. “I just don’t think that a raped woman should be forced to and compelled for nine months to have the child when through no fault of her own she was impregnated,” Fallon said.

The fight against abortion is not about protecting “innocent…

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