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Letters to the Editor — Relying on fossil fuels, worshiping God, border, vaccine

Shift to sustainability

Re: “Have We Lost Our Spark — Next-generation energy companies are taking their factories elsewhere, and that’s disconcerting,” Dec. 14 Editorials.

First, thank you to Stephen Smith for his letter published Monday, acknowledging the impossibility of perpetual growth, also in response to your editorial.

Think about this: A tree doesn’t grow forever. It reaches its natural maximum height and stops. If it were to keep on growing it would topple over and die. Is that what we are asking of our economies? Of our societies?

Tim Jackon’s book, Prosperity Without Growth, starts with a quote: “Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.”

The challenge we have is how to shift from our sacred goal of growth to sustainability. If we can’t find a way, we are writing our own death certificates. Under “cause of death,” write “insatiable desire for growth.”

Ellen Seldin, North Dallas

Hey, PUC: Winterization was the issue

Re: “PUC approves market redesign — Reliability is panel’s No. 1 goal, yet price hikes are all but certain,” Dec. 17 news story.

The Public Utility Commission plans to build fossil fuel stations to “increase reliability.”

This is idiotic. The storm froze the gas pipelines. Powerlines broke. Wind turbines stalled. The problem wasn’t capacity but winterization. Wind turbines spin in Antarctica. Gas pipelines flow in Alaska. Texas simply did not prepare for cold weather.

The new PUC seems just as full of oil and gas lackeys as the previous one. The first clue: zero concern for climate change. We need to demolish fossil fuel plants, not build more. The second clue: Why expand gas and not wind or batteries? The free market, which Texans adore, has greatly promoted wind power and battery storage over new gas power plants.

Alas, the PUC insists that fossil fuels are the only solution, echoing propaganda from big oil during the storm. The free market only lasts as long as it serves the rich. If they feel slighted, they will undermine the almighty invisible hand to shore up a dying industry.

Thomas Urech, Plano

A practicing Christian

Re: “Falling away from the church” by Cecil Larry Pool, Tuesday letters.

During the 16 years that I lived with my grandmother, she only went to church one time. However, she was a devout and devoted Christian who read the Bible nightly, sang hymns daily, and epitomized loving and caring for the least of us — humans, animals and plants.

She revered nature. God’s greatest cathedral, the outdoors, was her choice of a place to feel a sense of reverence. She was a true great steward of the earth, just as God instructed. She loved; she was kind, patient, promoted peace and goodness, self-sacrifice and control.

She was deaf, reclusive, poor and had emotional issues. None of this ever hindered her ability to be my angel.

She did not feel the need to enter a building to pray or believe. She had a saying regarding…

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