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Post-Ukraine Climate Realism – WSJ

John Kerry could be mistaken for the Black Knight in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” who, after losing all of his limbs, is still game for the fight. Mr. Kerry recently told a British newspaper that the climate battle “has met with an unexpected barrier, the war [in Ukraine], and it has met with an unfortunate and dangerous resurgence of business as usual by some parties that threatens the acceleration necessary to get the job done.”
Uh huh. The war in Ukraine is fundamentally irrelevant except as a crack in the political universe that perhaps allows us an unexpected chance to rediscover realism about energy and climate. Too much of what you are told by an ignorant press and politicized scientists exaggerates what is known about future warming, its consequences and the prospects for humanity to adapt.

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2022-06-03 16:20:00

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