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Sun Prairie fire crews respond to, successfully stop gas leak

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. — Emergency crews responded to and successfully stopped a gas leak in the 1700 block of Sunfield Street Tuesday afternoon.

According to a news release from Sun Prairie Fire & Rescue Company, there was a heavy smell of gas in the area when the first crew arrived at the scene. When crews arrived, they began working to evacuate buildings in the area.

While one crew investigated the inside of a building at 1797 Sunfield St., another crew noticed the smell of gas coming from a building at 1805 Sunfield St. That building was then evacuated.

Officials said crews on scene found a high level of natural gas had accumulated in the building, and the gas was immediately shut off.

WE energies later arrived at the scene to help with ventilation of the buildings. Once the buildings were ventilated, crews worked to identify the source of the leak.

Once the dangers were eliminated, fire crews left the scene and WE energies took over.

Fire officials did not report any injuries or damage connected to the leak.

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2020-11-10 16:49:00

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