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Army drivers to focus on London and South-East petrol stations

Problems were “virtually at an end” in Scotland, the North and the Midlands said the retailers association

Army drivers have been deployed to help ease the fuel shortage crisis that have seen queues at petrol stations for more than a week.

Up to 200 military personal are being utilised in an operation called Escalin to ease the shortage caused by a lack of civilian drivers.

Petrol retailers said the problems now are primarily in London and the South East, with most other areas close to operating at normal.

The Petrol Retailers Association said about 22% of fuel stations in London and the southeast were still out of stocks and Gordon Balmer, the PRA’s executive director, said it might take a week to 10 days to get stocks back up to normal.

Elsewhere the situation is better he added.

Problems were “virtually at an end” in Scotland, the North and the Midlands, where only 6% of filling stations were empty on Sunday.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak also said he expects the situation to improve steadily from now on.

“The situation has been improving now for I think over a week every day … it is getting better and as demand settles back to more normal levels the strong expectation is things will resolve themselves,” he told LBC Radio, adding it was due to the HGCV driver shortage and not Brexit..

“The HGV drivers is not a UK issue, it’s a Europe wide issue and beyond,” Sunak said. “I want people to know that we are doing everything we can to mitigate some of those challenges, where we can make a difference.”

Britain has been hit by a wave of problems related to the shortage of HGV drivers and other staff including empty shelves and warnings over Christmas and deliveries.

The latest warning coming from farmers in the pig industry, who have said that a shortage of abattoir staff might result in the culling of 100,000 piglets.

Sunak said that that deploying the troops was ” an extra precaution”. 

Operation Escalin was set up originally to deal with possible fuel shortages following Brexit.

The current crisis originated around ten days again after a report that BP had stopped supplying some stations due to a lack of drivers, which sparked a rush of panic-buying by motorists.

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