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AG nominee understands the difference

At his Senate hearing for attorney general, Judge Merrick Garland stated that a top priority for the Department of Justice would be the investigation and prosecution of violent extremists such as those involved in the “heinous attack” on the Capitol on Jan. 6. Sen. Josh Hawley asked if he also considered the attack by protesters on a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon last summer to be an act of violent extremism. His answer was revealing.

Judge Garland stated that both incidents were criminal but a violent attack on a government building “in an attempt to disrupt democratic processes” presently taking place within was much more serious than an attack on a closed and empty government building because it constituted “a core attack on our democratic institutions.” Judge Garland drew a distinction between a protest that damages a building and a protest that damages democracy.

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2021-02-25 19:35:40

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