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March 12th, 2021 | Wyoming Public Media

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Lawmakers Raise Study Taking Grim Outlook On Biden Climate Plans – But Who’s Behind It?

A new investigation between Wyoming Public Radio and The Guardian uncovers how a frequently-cited report truly came about. The taxpayer-funded study considers the economic impacts of the Biden administration’s climate plans relating to oil and gas… it gives a grim forecast for western states. What was not disclosed: the influence and financial support from the oil and gas industry. The study is now making the rounds without that important detail: from articles in the New York Times to federal hearings. Energy reporter Cooper McKim worked on the story alongside Emily Holden – founder of Floodlight, a collaborative environmental news site partnered with the Guardian.

Wyoming’s Legislature Considering Voter ID Law

After the 2020 elections and former President Trump’s unfounded concerns about voter fraud and election security, several states are looking to improve election security. Wyoming’s legislature is considering a voter ID bill for in-person voting. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler has more.

In Haaland, Republicans See A Threat To Fossil Fuels. Tribes See An Opportunity To Diversify

Deb Haaland’s road to become Secretary of the Interior has been rocky — just this week Republican Senators Steve Daines of Montana and Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming placed a hold on her nomination, citing concerns about her positions on fossil fuel industries Still as The Mountain West News Bureau’s Savannah Maher reports some tribal communities in our region that depend on fossil fuels are looking to Haaland to help them diversify.

Graphic Novel Set On Wind River Indian Reservation Is Inspired By Shoshone Legends

Zack Kennah went to art school at the University of Wyoming then moved to California to be an independent filmmaker. Over the past two years Kennah has written and illustrated a comic inspired by his fathers stories growing up on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Wyoming Public Radio’s Taylar Stagner spoke with Kennah.

Story and audio coming Monday 3/15/21

Dissatisfaction with how Wyoming handled the pandemic has reached the legislature. Bills and budget amendments have been crafted to remove the power of the state health officer and to put legislators and county commissioners into the driver’s seat. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck has more.

Death Doulas Give Time To Those Running Out Of It

A global pandemic has a way of bringing our mortality into focus. How do we want things to go at the end? There’s an emerging profession that may help you and your family answer that question. The Mountain West News Bureau’s Madelyn Beck reports.

Across The Mountain West, COVID-19 Exposes Long-Standing Food Insecurity

The pandemic’s economic toll has left many in the Mountain West struggling to feed their families. In fact 2 states in our region are at the top of an undesirable list — with some of the nation’s highest rates of child food insecurity. Nevada is tied with Louisiana at number 1. New Mexico ranks 3rd. Stephanie Serrano of the Mountain West News Bureau has more.

The Science (And Magic) Of Wyoming’s Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are all around Wyoming. You may have seen them without noticing – they look like rings of extra-green grass or mushrooms. Wyoming Public Radio’s Ashley Piccone explains how fairy rings got their name and what really creates them.

What To Expect From Wyoming Public Media’s Upcoming Podcast Series, ‘Carbon Valley’

Coming up this month, Wyoming Public Media will be releasing ‘Carbon Valley’, a bi-monthly limited series following the race to develop an unlikely climate solution. Wyoming Public Radio’s Naina Rao sat down with energy reporter Cooper McKim, who developed this series, on how Carbon Valley came about, and what drove the decision to create it.

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