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Panelists Probe Racial Disparities in Energy Industry

By Amanda Durish Cook

Industry experts discussed the energy industry’s racial gaps and how to design more equitable energy policies that address issues faced by the poor. | Pecan Street

Additional news on this topic:

  • Xcel Energy reported year-end earnings of $1.372 billion ($2.64/share), up from 2018’s performance of $1.261 billion ($2.47/share). | SPS

  • CMS Energy

    CMS Energy executives said they will stick to planned long-term investments and complete decarbonization plans despite uncertainties wrought by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. | Whirlpool

  • BloombergNEF’s newest report on energy trends looks back over the last decade, in which “the U.S. fundamentally overhauled how it produces, delivers and consumes” energy. | BloombergNEF

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2020-07-05 19:58:22

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