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Pew Poll Shows Americans Favor Renewables & Climate Action

June 24th, 2020 by Steve Hanley 

If the people will lead, their leaders will follow, according to an old expression. If that’s true, the Republican party is in big trouble, having chained itself to a platform of more carbon emissions, more oil and gas production, and support for fossil fuel industries. That’s understandable, since the fossil fuel crowd — under the tutelage of Charles Koch — has bought and paid for most of the Republicans in Congress and in many state legislatures around the country. For the past two decades, Republican candidates who wanted to get elected either toed the line established by the fossil fuel lobby or they were tossed overboard and replaced with someone who would shut up and do what the oligarchs told them to.

Pew climate change poll

Image credit: Pew Research

But the “Drill, baby, drill” mantra that held sway for so long is crumbling as more and more Americans are deciding to trust the evidence of climate change they can see for themselves rather than the lunatic rantings of the fossil fuel apologists.

The latest Pew Research poll, conducted in April and May of this year, shows the number of Americans clamoring for aggressive action on renewable energy and climate change is at an all-time high. That means the troglodytes touting more pipelines, more offshore drilling, more torturing of national parks may find their support among voters has eroded substantially since the last national election.

“Public concern over climate change has been growing in recent years, particularly among Democrats, and there are no signs that the COVID-19 pandemic has dampened concern levels. A recent Center analysis finds 60% view climate change as a major threat to the well-being of the United States, as high a share taking this view as in any Pew Research Center survey going back to 2009.

“The new national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted April 29 to May 5 among 10,957 U.S. adults using the Center’s online American Trends Panel, finds a majority of U.S. adults want the government to play a larger role in addressing climate change. About two-thirds (65%) of Americans say the federal government is doing too little to reduce the effects of climate change — a view that’s about as widely held today as it was last fall.

“And public dissatisfaction with government environmental action is not limited solely to climate: Majorities also continue to say the government is doing too little in other areas, such as protecting air and water quality and wildlife.

“Consistent with public concerns over climate and the environment, 79% of Americans say the priority for the country’s energy supply should be developing alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar; far fewer (20%) give priority to expanding the production of oil, coal and natural gas. To shift consumption patterns toward renewables, a majority of the public (58%) says government regulations will be necessary to encourage…

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