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Quadrise Fuels International PLC teams up with Aquafuel in bioMSAR fuel venture

Aquafuel has significant experience in the development of innovative solutions using glycerine in renewable power, highlighted Quadrise chief executive Jason Miles

() has announced a new collaboration which will see it further develop its bioMSAR fuels venture.

The company said it has teamed up with Aquafuel Research, a British specialist in renewable power innovation using biofuels and glycerine.

Its partnership with Aquafuel will aim to promote commercial glycerine supply, Aquafuel power solutions and bioMSAR projects.

Quadrise revealed bioMSAR earlier this week. It is a synthetic alternative to heavy fuel oil (HFO) with significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are delighted to be able to sign this collaboration with Aquafuel, who have significant experience and ability in the development of innovative solutions using glycerine in renewable power,” said Jason Miles, Quadrise chief executive in a statement.

“We have been very impressed with the Aquafuel team during the current testing of bioMSAR at their UK facility, which has yielded promising results.”

In the new product, the company’s MSAR technology is used to combine renewable glycerol with water and refinery residues to produce an oil-in-water emulsified synthetic fuel. The company noted that, compared to HFO, the new product can produce emissions with 20%-30% less carbon dioxide, whilst nitrous oxide and particulate levels will also be lower.

Aquafuel is the company that, as previously announced, has been testing bioMSAR. The tests are taking place on a standard Cummins diesel generator owned by Quadrise at Aquafuel’s UK test facility. A final report is due in January.

Under today’s agreement, the two companies will work together to develop and promote power solutions driven by the new fuel product.

Aquafuel agreed that, in the future, it will pay fees for Quadrise services provided in relation to Aquafuel projects developed under the partnership, whilst Quadrise commits to pay fees to Aquafuel for its services in Quadrise’s projects developed under the agreement.

The Quadrise boss added: “We believe that through our collaboration with Aquafuel and other stakeholders, we can simultaneously accelerate the development of bioMSAR fuel and expand the market for Aquafuel’s power solutions through our global network.”

Paul Day, Aquafuel chief executive, said: “We are pleased to be able to work with Quadrise, and are impressed to date with the performance of bioMSAR on a standard Cummins engine that we have adapted to run on glycerine.

“We are excited about the prospect of applying our knowledge, experience and patented technology of glycerine and biofuel combustion to residue-based MSAR and being able to broaden our marketing and business development activities through Quadrise’s global network.”

In a separate statement later, Quadrise also noted the announcement by on Friday in relation to Greenfield Energy and a delay in the start-up of Petroteq Energy Inc’s existing oil sands plant in Utah (POSP) such that the POSP restart is now expected to occur in January 2021.

Quadrise said it looks forward to receiving samples from POSP following its restart. Once received, the POSP samples will enable the Company to complete the necessary lab and pilot testing at the Quadrise Research Facility.

 — Adds POSP statement response —

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