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Sophia Bush Uses Osea Essential Hydrating Oil to Get Smooth Skin

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Pardon my millennial showing, but one of the most formative TV shows of my youth was One Tree Hill. It had it all: Enemies-to-lovers plotlines, a rare-at-the-time protagonist with fantastic curly hair, a banging soundtrack, and the right balance of high school antics with off-the-wall drama. Sophia Bush as cheerleader Brooke Davis was no small part of its appeal — and while the actress has recently focused on political activism, her glowing skin still looks like it could star in a CW show. The secret? One clean face oil she takes everywhere. 

As Bush told W magazine in 2015, she uses Malibu-based brand Osea’s Essential Hydrating Oil in a travel size that she takes “everywhere.” She was on the cutting edge before the world of clean beauty really sprouted — and as Bush has since discussed on her podcast, Work in Progress, she still sticks to products that are conscientiously developed.  

“I think it’s so easy for us to assume someone is making sure, some regulatory body somewhere is making sure that toxic chemicals aren’t allowed into skincare or food,” Bush said. “And yet, toxic chemicals are in things that we put in and on our bodies. So unfortunately, it’s on us as consumers to look out for those things.” 

So, yes — unfortunately, the onus is still on shoppers to make choices that minimize our exposure to the above ingredients, and more like PFAS. And that’s where Bush’s prized Osea Hydrating Oil comes in, providing a dose of moisture with sustainably foraged macadamia oil, jojoba oil, chamomile oil, and vitamin E that makes reviewers’ skin feel “silky soft.” Those in the over-40 bracket are especially enamored with the formula, which some say “makes my skin look years younger.” 

“I thought that I was starting to see things at first. I’ve been using the Osea serum and the Essential oil, [and] didn’t expect any miracles,” writes a fan who, spoiler alert, now leaves vials of the oil all over their house. “I have ‘mature skin,’ [and] as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve crossed the 50-yard line of life. But now that I’ve started using the Osea serum and oil, it’s like someone gave me an eraser! Fine lines are disappearing. Even my husband noticed and commented the other day.” 

Some 47-year-olds see just as pleasing results, dubbing the formula “liquid gold” that leaves their skin supple and fine eye lines “so much smoother.” A different person calls it “overnight magic,” since it gives their skin a dewy glow without clogging pores or looking oily — and as a plus, it “feels and smells like sunshine” as it leaves skin looking “younger and happier.” 

“This oil is magic. This may be one of my top-recommended products,” writes an enthusiast. “Not only does my skin feel hydrated and look dewy, the essential oil blend aids in drifting me into a lovely sleep. My 68-year-old mother is as obsessed as I am. She says she ‘can’t be without it’ and I couldn’t agree more.” 

“I roll this oil on my problem areas frequently. It’s great for under eye, forehead, and mouth creases,” a last person writes. “It takes a few minutes to absorb, but you’ll notice less wrinkles.” 

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