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TomCo Energy PLC says Greenfield can resume operations in Utah

A cessation order has been amended and operations can resume immediately, the company noted

() told investors operations can resume at the Greenfield Energy joint venture project in Utah.

The company, in a statement, noted that Greenfield – 50% owned by TomCo – had a meeting earlier this week with Utah’s Division of Oil, Gas and Mining regarding a Cessation Order (CO) issued on May 14 and that yesterday it received an amended order.

A modified CO allows operations to resume at the site immediately. It allows processing and testing operations to take place until June 30, after which point operations will be subject to the submission of a Notice of Intent before July 1.

The notice would need to cover mineral processing methods and facilities, waste handling and management and reclamation plan.

TomCo said that Greenfield Energy intends to work with Petroteq with a view to ensuring that the new requirement is met.

The operation in Utah, at Petroteq Energy’s oil sands plant (POSP) at Asphalt Ridge, is part of a project that’s being advanced by the Greenfield Energy LLC joint venture company, which comprises Valkor LLC and TomCo.

The pilot utilises a plant owned by Petroteq Energy and includes technology licenced from Quadrise Fuels International.

Subject to the pilot results and the FEED, Greenfield will develop a new 10,000 bopd plant – comprising two 5,000 bopd trains – utilising design improvements and knowledge gained from the POSP pilot.

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2021-05-26 02:12:00

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