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What Color is Hydrogen?

Whenever anyone used to tout the virtues of hydrogen, I would quote Switch from “The Matrix,” whose first words to Neo were “Listen up, Coppertop,” telling him that he is nothing more than a battery.

Green Hydrogen

Grey Hydrogen

©Hydrogen used in Steel production.

“Long-term, only green hydrogen from electrolysis via renewable energies will allow for a truly climate-neutral solution,” said Bernhard Osburg, chairman of the executive board at Thyssenkrupp Steel. “But other types of hydrogen can help to establish a market.”

The problem with this, as Vanessa Desem writes in the same Bloomberg article, is that “for hydrogen from water electrolysis to reach a quarter of the world’s energy needs, it would require more power than the total global electricity generation in 2019.”

Blue Hydrogen

Gotta keep drilling for progress!.
Ken Jack/Getty Images 

According to Chris Goodall, energy economist and author of What We Need…

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