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                            Voters in Lycoming County — and throughout Pennsylvania — should feel encouraged by the field of candidates in May’s primary election and by their advocacy for the state.

The field of candidates for governor in particular, as reported by Spotlight PA and the Williamsport Sun-Gazette in Friday’s edition, understands the importance of natural gas production.

State Sen. Jake Corman was correct to say natural gas will play a role in energy production for “decades to come.” Charles Gerow also noted the importance of drilling to our economy and former U.S. Rep. Melissa Hart and surgeon Nche Zama pressed the state’s role in developing policies to lower the cost of heating our homes.

The gubernatorial candidates are not alone — Kathy Barnette, a veteran and businesswoman running for a U.S. Senate nomination, also touted the potential for domestic drilling to reduce energy costs for consumers and businesses.

We share the frustrations Barnette shared during her visit to Muncy Township, as reported in Friday’s edition — that Pennsylvania’s natural gas supplies are not being used as fully as they could and that the White House is hostile to industries that both create jobs and reduce U.S. reliance on foreign suppliers.

But as frustrated as we are in the present, we remain hopeful that in the future we may have leaders that respect the positive impact the natural gas industry can have on our state and nation.

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2022-04-25 23:10:29

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