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MLGW natural gas bill increase tied to global shortage

For Memphis and Shelby County residents with natural gas heat, it could be a long and expensive winter.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water, the city-owned utility, is warning that natural gas bills could increase by 20 to 30% this coming winter because of a worldwide shortage of essential heating fuel.

The utility’s gas portfolio management supervisor, Jeff Sissom, said an exceptionally cold winter could force the utility to purchase more natural gas at higher than normal prices, leading to higher utility bills.

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In Europe, which largely relies on imported natural gas, there are concerns that some countries and regions could lack natural gas to get through the winter. Countries are firing up shuttered coal plants. The projections for the U.S., which produces the most natural gas in the world, are not as dire. 

Sissom said there is no danger of MLGW running out.

“We have plenty of natural gas. That is our primary mission, we have had plenty of natural gas for years and years and years. We always do. And even if we don’t, we can go out and we could get extra capacity or extra volumes from pipelines and suppliers,” Sissom said.

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2021-10-12 21:03:28

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