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Some Caddo residents fed up with drilling noises in their neighborhoods

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Murdis Dodd says when she wants to have her friends over, they can’t hang out on her patio.

That’s because of the loud drilling noises behind her house. “It’s almost like an airplane is landing in my back yard, no exaggeration.”

Dodd and other neighbors, who declined a formal interview, said the roaring sounds are constant all hours of the day.

“It’s annoying; it is extremely annoying,” Dodd said.

Caddo Commissioner Ken Epperson said he has been dealing with drilling and natural gas issues since at least 2018. He showed KSLA News 12 emails dating as far back as 2015.

Georgiana Violet, of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, is listed on the agenda for the Caddo Commission’s work session Monday and is expected to speak.

“I’m going to introduce an ordinance to lower the threshold for the so-called decibels,” Epperson explained.

Plus, he said he will demand more transparency from drilling companies, such as requiring signs with contact information for residents to make complaints.

During a teleconference meeting earlier this month, parish Public Works director Tim Weaver said the oil and natural gas industry is booming in Caddo. “Oil and gas is the strongest I’ve seen it in Caddo Parish since the Haynesville Shale.”

Epperson also noted that the parish has said that the companies are “within the limits” of the current noise ordinance.

“But what’s a decibel to your sleep schedule?” he asked.

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2021-07-18 19:10:00

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