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Demand Growing for Nuclear Energy

The outlook for nuclear energy is probably as good as it has ever been.
That’s according to Cameco’s Chief Financial Officer, at an online presentation hosted by an Australian investment banking firm.
Grant Isaac calls it a durable growth, explaining that in the past the future of nuclear energy always relied on governments and law makers, but now big businesses are interested as the world explores more green energy options.
He adds that there is a 2.6 per cent growth rate in the traditional market with the big nuclear reactors, but that does’t iinclude small modular reactors.
Isaac notes that Canada is looking into SMRs.
He explains that they could be an option where you don’t need a big nuclear reactor, for communities or industrial applications.
The CFO explains that the SMRs have the same benefits of reliable, 24-hour clean energy.
Both Canada and the province of Saskatchewan have announced looking at the possibility of SMRs and recently, Cameco signed two agreements, one with an American firm and one with Poland, to explore options with SMRs.

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2021-10-09 12:59:53

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