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INTERVIEW: Administration wants diverse energy mix

  • Administration stance on renewables
    misrepresented – CFE board member
  • Reorganisation of sector complies with
    existing legislation
  • Power generation going forward to be

federal authorities are not looking to limit
renewables, but rather to develop an energy mix
that balances energy transition commitments and
using the country’s available resources
efficiently, according to Maria del Rosio
Vargas, an independent board member at
state-run utility CFE.

These attempts are guided by the
administration’s goals of achieving energy
security and sovereignty objectives that other
governments also recognise as strategic, said
Vargas in an interview. She also researches
international geopolitical energy trends in her
capacity as an academic.

Vargas said there were years after the energy
reform in which permits for renewables projects
were issued indiscriminately without taking
into account the limitations of the
transmission network or power demand, something
industry sources have previously noted as a
complicated issue since the prior

“It was a chaotic sector only driven by profit,
where CFE’s long-term planning strategy was
completely ignored,” Vargas said.

The CFE board member said the current
administration decided to reorganise the sector
while complying with existing legislation and
respecting all contracts awarded.

Clean energy
The academic said the administration’s stance
on clean energy has been misrepresented. She
said one misconception was that the government
was seeking to replace renewables with
generation from residual fuel oil from
state-owned producer Pemex’s refineries. She
said the SENER and CENACE resolutions from May
and April, which are both suspended and pending
further legal review in Mexican courts, were
driven by a genuine concern for grid…

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2020-06-05 23:01:39

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