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LETTER: My nuclear power experience very scary | Letters To Editor

My response to article on nuclear energy by Mr. Goldstein.

We lived nine air miles east of Three Mile Island which had a major incident on March 28, 1979. My husband’s work was only three miles to the north. I worked at a day care where we received a cryptic message to stay indoors and put window shades down for protection. In the evening we learned about the serious hydrogen bubble developing in reactor two.

We began to pack small keepsakes knowing that if it burst, we could never return to our home. We got all contents from safe deposit box at our bank and my cherished family recipes. We were given potassium iodide tablets for the whole family. Dr. Denton was a welcome authority on dealing with hydrogen bubbles. Through his miraculous actions, we didn’t have to leave our home.

There were no immediate deaths, but in the years following there was an increase in cancers (particularly thyroid) and birth defects.

The spent rods are an expensive problem. He mentioned France uses a glassification process. Glass that is impervious to radiation! Also that nuclear fusion will eventually eliminate the rods. I knew we live close to the Magic Kingdom, but it’s closer than I thought.

There are no easy solutions with fossil fuel, wind turbines, gas also have major draw backs also.

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2021-06-11 23:00:00

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