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Macron has announced the construction of six new nuclear reactors on the outskirts of Italy

Six new nuclear reactors will be built by France as part of a new plan wanted by the government to tackle the energy crisis in Europe. The announcement came from President Macron.

The Grohnde Nuclear Power Plant in Germany (Getty Images)

To counter the energy crisis the only solution for the France and the nuclear. At least second Emmanuel Macron which announced the construction of six new nuclear reactors for the production of electricity. The French president’s announcement came Thursday on the sidelines of his visit to a turbine manufacturing plant in the city of Belfort, in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region. The six reactors, all of the latest generation, will be built in the coming years: the works should begin in 2028 and then finish in 2035 and will be managed by the energy company EDF, controlled by the French state. The construction of the reactors will require tens of billions of euros in public funding, according to the Court of Auditors, in fact, at least 46 billion euros will be needed.

The Fessenheim nuclear power plant in Alsace

The Fessenheim nuclear power plant in Alsace

14 new nuclear reactors are foreseen in the plan for the revival of the French nuclear industry

There are six nuclear reactors which will be followed by another eight as explained by Macron himself who spoke of a real plan that represents the “rebirth of the French nuclear industry”. Initially contrary, Macron has over time married nuclear energy as a substitute for the more classic sources of energy, so much so that he underlines that this is the only way to counter the energy crisis that is hitting Europe. With this new plan, France hopes to reach the so-called carbon neutrality, or “zero emissions”, by 2050: in support, the French government has also announced investments in renewable energy, with the construction of 50 new offshore wind farms. .

Nuclear power plants in Europe

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, as also underlined by Macron himself, there have been so many doubts about the use of nuclear power in Europe, so much so that many countries have decommissioned their plants “but now the right time has come and the conditions are met. for a renaissance of nuclear power in complete safety “, explained the French president. France has 19 nuclear power plants that supply about 70 per cent of electricity needs, Italy has been decommissioning them for years and now Germany is doing so too.

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