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Marathon Senate hearing shuttles nuclear energy bill forward | Politics

INDIANAPOLIS—A marathon Senate session Tuesday saw the passage of dozens of bills, including one involving the use of nuclear energy in Indiana.

Sen. Eric Koch proposes Senate Bill 271 during Tuesday’s Senate hearing. This bill passed 39-9 and will go to the House. 


Senate Bill 271, authored by Sen. Eric Koch, R-Bedford, provides the methods by which small modular nuclear reactors and electric generators can be financed and utilized in the state. The goal was characterized as a shift into carbon neutrality following the example of other states that have begun similar clean energy projects.

The language of the bill and its potential budget piqued the interest of Sen. Shelli Yoder, D-Bloomington, who spoke against the bill. “The language is not pro or con nuclear,” she said. 

Her main concern was the proper use of nuclear energy and its expense for the state and its taxpayers, she said, adding that other states have fallen behind when it comes to budget and time.

For example, a similar proposal in Idaho was estimated to cost the state $2.7 billion in 2017 with a goal of being online in 2026. However, the cost estimate has doubled, with the date set back to 2030. This project has remained in the “conceptual stage”, according to Yoder, who strongly encouraged members of the General Assembly to vote against the bill.

The bill passed, 39-9, and will go to the House.

Ariana Lovitt is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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