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Re-elect Boggiano; Free Cuba; For planet’s sake, go nuclear | Letters

Four more years for Boggiano

I have been living in one of the most diverse wards in this city for over 25 years and I can see it’s not an easy job for a councilman to continually reach out to all of the different groups and individuals with competing interests to make sure their concerns are heard. Rich Boggiano has been doing this tirelessly for a long time and I believe Ward C will be best served if he continues to do so for another four years.

With the 2060 Journal Square Redevelopment plan in full swing, we need Rich to continue to speak up for those of us who see the changes happening at a speed that is leaving many people behind.

We need him to continue to fight for us on a myriad of issues from parking to lack of decent grocery stores and open greens spaces and traffic nightmares, pedestrian safety and the seemingly endless construction projects popping up on every corner. Rich is out there every day working on the short-term and long-term issues we have.

He has also been instrumental in the deal the city has made with the county in regards to the future Courthouse Park. I know this because I was part of the meetings that Rich called for with the county to get the ball rolling on this project. He’s been supportive and involved in the progress made thus far to making this park a reality. And he’s brought us, the residents, into the process.

The importance of this park to the residents of Ward C cannot be underestimated and Rich’s relationships with the county are invaluable to the completion of this project.

Rich listens when I bring him a quality-of-life problem and he either connects me with the person to solve it or does so himself. He understands that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy for the entire ward. Issues are solved neighborhood by neighborhood and intersection by intersection. And Rich has walked them all in Ward C.

Rich Boggiano’s dedication to the residents has inspired me to become more active in neighborhood affairs and for that I thank him. He has my vote yet again for councilman of Ward C.

Laura Moss, Jersey City

When will Cuba’s suffering end?

Free Cuba! Say it out loud.

Can we please put an end to the torment on the island of our God-loving brothers and sisters? They have been abandoned for 60-plus years, suffering from severe oppression.

Countless Cubans have been locked up, go missing and/or are killed. Their internet has been blocked by censorship while crying tears go unanswered.

Go ahead. Say it out loud: FREE CUBA!!

James Francis Waddleton, Jersey City

Nuclear energy – Why not?

Options to eliminate or reduce air pollution have reached a critical stage in the US.  It is much more critical today than at any other time in our history, due to looming global warming.

Trolleys were electric vehicles and likely much better for the environment, despite the electric-generating power plant’s penchant for air pollution.

The real solution is to go nuclear, which would eliminate much of the air pollution that fossil fuel plants produce. Nuclear power plants are expensive to build, but are deemed very safe, based on today’s technology and their recent history. The alternatives planned are very expensive and it is likely the costs will far exceed the cost of nuclear electricity generating power facilities.

Air pollution will never be totally erased (in my opinion) unless we eliminate factories and other industrial operations and, of course, gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. The former, factories and industry in general, cannot be eliminated for a number of reasons, including destroying the ability to support the production of military assets, in time of need.

All options must be explored and the best route toward air pollution elimination must be carefully weighed, including the economic impact. I propose the nuclear option.

Robert C Harris, Glen Ridge, formerly of Jersey City

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