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Texas expected to lead states in solar installations in 2021

WASHINGTON – Solar panel installations are expected to hit a record high in the United States this year, with Texas expected to see almost 30 percent of new solar farm construction, more than any other state, the U.S. Energy Department said Monday.

In total U.S. power companies are planning to install more than 15 gigawatts of solar panels and and 12 gigawatts of wind turbines, representing 70 percent of new generation in 2021. After Texas, California, Nevada and North Carolina were expected to see the most installations.

The growth in renewables comes as fossil fuels continue to represent a shrinking slice of the nation’s power grid, with new natural gas plants only accounting for 16 percent of new installations – compared to 22 percent last year. There are no plans for new coal plants this year.

Utility-scale batteries represent 4 percent of new installations, as power developers pair energy storage with carbon-free renewables. In Florida, a more than 400 megawatt battery power by solar panels, named the Manatee Solar Energy Center, is scheduled to begin operation by the end of the year.

The U.S. grid will also see an additional 1.1 gigawatt of new capacity from the completion of the Vogtle nuclear power plant in Georgia.

Overall new generation is expected to total 39.7 gigawatts, down from 42 gigawatts planned for 2020.

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2021-01-11 09:01:00

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