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5 Benefits for Healthy Strands

Like most hair oils, how you incorporate it into your hair routine is dependent on your hair type and hair concerns. Porter suggests using it as a pre-shampoo treatment on the ends or scalp, but it’s important to thoroughly wash it out or you may find your hair is weighed down and greasy after a few days. 

If your strands need a little T.L.C., try using almond oil as a deep treatment. Apply it to the hair alone or whip up a DIY treatment by mixing it with other oils like lemon oil to help balance the scalp, or chamomile oil for relieving itch. If you find that oils generally weigh your hair down, apply the mask on the scalp alone. Sometimes residue build-up from heavy products like oils can cause strands to become dry and dull if not washed off properly. 

No matter how you choose to use almond oil in your hair routine, just remember to avoid using it before styling, especially when using hot tools. This isn’t one of those treatments you want to leave sitting in your hair for hours at a time. Opt for 20 to 30 minutes tops or a simple scalp massage for best results. 

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2020-06-20 15:07:47

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