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Ecuadorian crude oil production normalizes

This Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources release was published using machine translation.

After the resumption of crude oil pumping, on February 7, through the Heavy Crude Pipeline (OCP), national oil production continues to gradually increase its volumes. As of the operating day February 9, 490,000 barrels per day are registered, which represents a 99% recovery with respect to the values of January 28, 2022, when a rockfall affected the OCP oil transport pipeline in the sector of Fine Stone in Napo.

The comprehensive monitoring carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources (MERNNR) allowed the repair work carried out by OCP Ecuador to be carried out in the shortest possible time and to be carried out under strict technical parameters.

Once the company OCP notified the reestablishment of crude oil transport, the resumption of oil reception at the Amazonas Station (Lago Agrio) and operations were normalized, the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources lifted the situation of Force Majeure, through Resolution No. MERNNR-VH-2022-0006-RM.

water delivery

During the emergency, the supply of fuels at the national level was guaranteed and exports continued according to the established schedule, in compliance with the contractual clauses maintained with international companies.

Cleaning, remediation and attention to communities

In follow-up to the daily activities carried out by the OCP Ecuador company, at the moment the cleaning tasks at the control points that were implemented in the face of the emergency situation have been 100% completed. In addition, the collection of information on the natural conditions of flora, fauna, water and soil in the area has been fully completed.

In the social sphere, to date, approximately 410,000 liters of safe water for consumption and more than 1,900 food kits have been delivered with products in accordance with the regulations issued by the National Risk and Emergency Management Service. In addition, around 540 medical attentions have been carried out , through the brigades that continue to visit the communities.

The Energy Portfolio continues to monitor the work in the field carried out by the private company OCP Ecuador, verifying compliance with the remediation and social care actions in favor of the inhabitants of the communities surrounding the area.

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