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Engine damaged after car shop forgets to put oil in SUV

It was a simple oil change that turned into a nightmare. One day after getting the SUV serviced it stopped running.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — While many people are still working from home and aren’t using their car or SUV as much as they once did, it’s still nice to have one for trips to the grocery or hardware store. The convenience of having a vehicle is certainly not lost on those that don’t have one.

Michael Wright however doesn’t just like having an SUV he needs it; he’s a delivery driver.

“If I don’t have a working car, I don’t have a job,” Wright said.

When your SUV is your office and critical for your job, you keep it tuned up and running well. Wright makes sure the oil is changed every few months. A recent oil change didn’t go so well.

“I would say a day later as I was driving my car starts shaking and rattling,” Wright said.

He got out of the SUV and checked a couple of things including the oil. When he pulled the dipstick out it was basically dry. The tip had a tiny bit of black oil on the end.

“I’m not car savvy but I know if it’s oil and it’s the engine that comes with a lot of dollar signs,” Wright said.

He immediately contacted the shop that did the oil change and told them what was going on. The person he spoke with was not helpful and basically told him the issue was not their fault.

“At the beginning, the people I spoke with at the shop did not take responsibility,” Wright said.

Wright had to rent a car for a few days while he tried to figure out what to do. A few days later he reached out to WFMY News 2 in hopes of some help.

We immediately contacted the shop and a representative in the corporate office. It took some time and a few more calls and emails but eventually the company agreed to pay for all the necessary repairs and reimburse Wright for the cost of the rental car. The total cost of the settlement was around $7,000.

“I want to thank you, it was amazing, thank you so much,” Wright said.

The SUV has been fixed and is running well. Wright is thankful he didn’t have to pay for the expensive repairs out of his own pocket.

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2021-04-12 17:59:00

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