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Indonesian palm oil sector urges EU to play fair with environmental ‘Due Diligence’ system

The European Union (EU) announced its proposal for its Due Diligence system to rank countries from’high risk’ to ‘low risk’ in terms of deforestation earlier this month as part of its anti-deforestation regulations.

Many in the palm oil industry believe that this is a measure to target palm oil in particular amongst all other imported commodities, and have also deemed this a significant risk of developing into a new trade barrier with the EU, which is one of the world’s top importers.

The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) in particular has urged the EU to ensure that any final regulations that it decides on need to be ‘non-discriminatory against Indonesia and non-discriminatory against palm oil’​, in addition to urging yet again that a level playing field for certification is provided such that palm oil receives the same treatment as other edible oils such as from rapeseed or soybean.

“Indonesia has already reduced its deforestation rate to its lowest-ever level thanks to legislative and private initiatives – palm oil is not a major contributor to Indonesian deforestation,”​ said the association.

In addition, the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Indonesia has also stressed that attempting to just replace palm oil is not necessarily the best step to take to protect the environment, as the consequences could end up being worse instead.

“Palm oil is actually the most productive vegetable oil out there in the market, using far less area per MT than any other option,”​ RSPO Senior Manager for Global Communications Outreach and Engagement based in Indonesia Imam A. El Marzuq said at a recent RSPO Indonesia virtual event to commemorate National Palm Oil Day in the country.

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2021-11-28 21:10:20

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