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Oil Pipeline Explosion Kills 3 In Iran

Iranian media report that an explosion that started at a pump house in the country’s southwest tore through oil and gas pipelines, killing three people and injuring four more. 

Reports continue to develop, but at this time Iranian media have noted that the initial explosion took place at the Cheshmeh Kosh field, which is approximately 300 miles southwest of Tehran, and the pipeline to Ahvaz.

Iranian media agencies have published photographs of the corpse of one of the people killed in the ensuing blasts. 

The Iranian Oil Ministry has initiated an investigation, but has yet to indicate the potential cause of the explosion, while some Western media speculate that it could have been related to the country’s aging oil and gas infrastructure, combined with extremely hot weather conditions. 

According to SHANA news agency citing an official report, the fire following the explosion has been contained. 

The pipeline explosions will cause Iran to divert oil from the Cheshmeh Kosh field to alternative facilities in the province of Khuzestan, also in the south. 

According to Iran’s semiofficial Mehr agency, workers were carrying out a “pipeline inspection gauge” operation when the explosion happened. 

While an investigation is ongoing, Iran’s IRNA news agency cited Shush county governor Adnan Qazi as blaming the explosion on a gas leak at an oil and gas pipeline station. 

However, according to Iran’s SHANA news agency, “preliminary reports indicate that the launcher exploded during the artillery operation.”

Qazi also said the four injured in the incident were “seriously” injured. 

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2021-07-06 19:30:00

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