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The Fraud Of Fish Oil Is Exposed. Will Kale Be Next?

For more years than I care to remember, I have taken a daily capsule of fish oil because it’s supposed to be good for your heart. Fish oil capsules are disgusting, and just thinking about ingesting them every morning has ruined my breakfasts for years. But for decades I have taken one for the team. Sometimes two.
Now a pair of rigorously scientific studies presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, an event I never miss, provide seemingly indisputable evidence that fish oil has no effect whatsoever on cardiovascular health. The studies, which tested thousands of subjects, do not come right out and say it, but the underlying message is clear: Taking fish oil supplements is just another weird thing people in northern California dreamed up in the 1980s.
Those of us who despise culturally mandated food supplements, fruits or vegetables take our victories where we can get them, so on one level the news about fish oil supplements is massively good news. It’s a form of vindication, proving something that we long suspected but never dared to say out loud. It’s the way I felt when I found out that kale, the wonder food du jour, is often drenched in pesticides.
In fact, it’s the same way I felt as a kid when my mother used to force us to eat fried liver every Thursday because it was supposed to be good for us. Even as a little kid I knew that my mother was working with suspect data. How could anything fried possibly be good for you? Especially when it got fried for as long as my mother kept things smoldering in the pan. Looking back on it now, I honestly believe that the reason my dad worked the four-to-midnight shift as a security guard my entire childhood was to get out of eating liver. Well, that and the fact that he didn’t have to see his kids every day.
The news that I can trash-can all those fish oil supplements is exhilarating, in part because it may only be the tip of the food-propaganda iceberg. Scientific breakthroughs tend to come in bunches, with Galileo’s discoveries arriving soon after Kepler’s and Darwin and Wallace reaching the same conclusions at virtually the same moment. That’s why I’m hoping that scientists tearing the cover off the fish oil scam may quickly lead to other equally thrilling revelations.

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2020-11-19 12:27:00

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