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Britain to have 40mln electric vehicles by 2040 predicts UK grid operator

Britain will have 11mln electric vehicles (EVs) on UK roads by the 2030 and 40mln in twenty years time according to  PLC ().

The surge in EVs is one way Britain can slash in its greenhouse emissions to help meet its target to net-zero country by the middle of the century said the UK electricity wire network owner.

added in a report that the zero-emission target was achievable in three out of four scenarios it examined, but only if there are changes to current policy.

Alongside a switch to EVs, the Grid also advocates the adoption of heat pumps with thermal batteries to replace gas boilers in 8mln homes.

These and EV batteries can effectively become power balancers for the grid, said the report.

By  2050 up to 80% of households with an EV will be smart charging their car, it said, while 45% of homes will be able to offer balancing capability to the grid from the battery in their heat pump.

Potentially, this might can create as much as 38 gigawatts of flexible electricity.

National Grid also predicts the current rapid growth in wind power and solar will continue.

Emissions from the power sector will be negative by 2033 as the use of renewables continues to rise in step with the use of bioenergy and carbon energy, it said.

Wind power capacity is expected to grow at 3GW a year alongside an additional 1.4GW of solar generation from now until 2050.

“Across all scenarios, we see growth in renewable energy generation, including significant expansion in installed offshore wind capacity,” said Mark Herring, the head of strategy at National Grid ESO.

“There is widespread uptake in domestic electric vehicles, and growth and investment in hydrogen and carbon capture technologies too,”

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2020-07-27 10:55:00

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