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Powerhouse Energy PLC says second plant using its DMG technology will be on the banks of the River Clyde

“Plastic is often demonised, but we have seen how essential it is in industries like healthcare,” said Richard Barker, a Peel NRE director

() said a second site using its waste plastic to hydrogen technology is to be developed by its partner, Peel L&P.

Peel NRE, part of Peel L&P, is to develop the facility at the Rothesay Dock on the north bank of the River Clyde in West Dunbartonshire.

The 13,500-tonne facility will be the second in the UK to use pioneering DMG technology developed by Powerhouse, after plans for a similar facility at Peel NRE’s Protos site in Cheshire were approved in 2019.

“We are delighted Powerhouse technology is to be deployed in Scotland, helping the region improve air quality and provide a solution to end-of-life plastic. This new facility will play an important role in supporting the objective of both Holyrood and Westminster to make hydrogen a key element of Scotland’s decarbonisation strategy,” said Tim Yeo, the executive chairman of Powerhouse.

“We welcome plans to co-locate a re-fuelling station at the site which will help increase uptake of hydrogen fuel in the region and add to Scotland’s growing hydrogen economy. All eyes are on Scotland ahead of the important COP26 meeting in Glasgow later this year, so we are delighted our pioneering, clean energy technology will help put Scotland on the path to net-zero,” he added.

Richard Barker, a Peel NRE director, said it is important for society to recycle as much plastic as possible.

“This facility will convert plastic into hydrogen a clean fuel that produces no emissions at the point of use, helping to improve local air quality. By co-locating a refuelling station, we can help to kick start the infrastructure needed to support the rollout of hydrogen vehicles which will be an important part of our journey to net zero,” Barker said.

“Decisions about the financing of this second plant will be made after land-use planning consent has been obtained and closer to the start date for construction. Details of this will be announced at that time,” he revealed.

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