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Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC strikes hydrogen fuel cell deal to reduce data-centre emisssions 

Rolls Royce Holdings PLC has inked a deal that will see it develop zero-emission hydrogen fuel cells to help reduce emissions for data centres. 

The engineer agreed to a strengthened strategic partnership with Cellcentric, a joint venture between Daimler (ETR:DAI) Truck AG and Volvo Group AB. Hydrogen fuel cells deliver power but emit nothing but water vapour. 

“Electrical generators based on fuel cells represent the next leap forward in the energy transition, both for us and our customers,” said Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. 

“That’s why we’re investing a three-digit million amount in R&D over the next few years and we hope that this strong commitment will encourage governments and politicians to promote and support this pioneering, extremely climate-friendly, technology. When they run on green hydrogen, meaning hydrogen made using renewable energy sources, fuel cells are climate-neutral.”

Rolls intends to use the technology for gensets (engines and generators that are used to deliver power) with the first pilot plants envisaged as installed and operational by 2023. Standardised production fuel cell systems could then follow by 2025. 

The British firm is one of the top suppliers of gensets worldwide.  

The new zero-emission fuel cell tech was presented at COP26, each fuel cell module will reportedly be able to power ten houses, with the ambition that it can be scaled up into power plants with outputs in the megawatt range.  

Rolls aims to develop sustainable and carbon neutral power technology,   



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2021-11-08 10:21:00

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