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Bluestem Electric Coop visit site of new Leonardville Substation Solar Field | Local News

Bluestem Electric Cooperative trustees and staff held a construction site visit at the Leonardville Substation Solar Field project being constructed by Today’s Power, Inc. (TPI).  The utility-scale 750kW solar field is located south of Bluestem’s Leonardville substation located at highway 24 and US 82 highway, west of Leonardville. The field consist of 2,625 single-axis tracking panels, six (6) 125kW inverters and can produce 1,720,032 kWH annually. Preliminary work has already started and construction of the project should be completed by June 2022. 

This project is part of twelve (12) Kansas Electric Cooperatives investing in 20 megawatts (MW) of solar power to be deployed across 800 miles of the state, and will provide power to 80,000 homes in rural Kansas. Bluestem Electric Cooperative has joined eleven (11) other rural electric cooperatives in Kansas in deploying sun farms.

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2021-12-03 12:42:00

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