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Data shows these countries increased their solar capacity the most in 15 years | National

Solar energy has been collected and utilized since as early as the 18th century—but the past decade or so has seen a marked acceleration in the growth of solar energy as a power source across the globe.

This shift is partly altruistic: Government administrations are communicating concerns about fossil fuels more vocally and holding each other accountable for finding alternative energy sources. Last year, the United Nations Climate Change Conference brought together world leaders to develop policies and set goals promoting clean energy.

But solar energy is also increasingly cost-effective, particularly for remote nations that would otherwise need to import fossil fuel sources; therefore, it is in many governments’ interests to invest in solar electricity generation. Expanding solar energy use could create as many as 1.5 million jobs worldwide by 2035, according to the Solar Futures Study by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy released in September 2021.

However, this expansion is not without obstacles. Construction and installation costs, transportation and integration logistics, and maintaining adequate workforces to not only implement but continually manage and update solar energy grids are all challenges that will need to be addressed to ensure the resilience and longevity of solar energy supplies.

Enviro Friendly cited data compiled by environmental think tank Ember to look at countries whose solar electricity capacity has grown the most over the past 15 years, highlighting those with the greatest percentage-point change in solar as a share of all electricity generation.

Even with the growth of solar and other renewable energy sources, fossil fuels continue to be the dominant source of electricity worldwide. However, if solar energy continues to expand at current rates, renewables may come to be the predominant supplier within the next decade—requiring an equally rapid expansion of infrastructure to support it.

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