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Free Solar Panel Yojana: Get a solar plant installed for free, get rid of the cost of light bill, know what to do….?

 Free Solar Panel Yojana: The government is giving benefits regarding solar plants. If you also want to install a solar plant, then you can take advantage of the scheme given by the government. 

You can get solar plants installed at your home at very cheap rates. Actually the government will give you subsidy for setting up the plant.

Let us tell you that the subsidy given by the government will depend on the size of the solar plant you are going to install. If you set up a big plant, you will get more subsidy, on a smaller plant you will get less subsidy.

For example, if you have to run 2 inverter air conditioners of 1 ton each in your house, along with coolers, fans and lights, then you have to install a minimum 4 kW solar system which will generate at least 20 units of electricity per day. Let us know that if you can save the cost of lighting by installing a 5 KW solar plant.

Items needed for a solar plant: 

A solar inverter, solar battery, solar panel are the most essential items to install a solar plant. Along with this, there is the cost of wire fixing, stand etc., on which additional money has to be paid. In this way, by combining all these things, we can get the cost.

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Solar Inverter:

In the market you will find a 5 kW solar inverter which you can buy to run a 4 kW plant. Well it is a bit expensive. Now if your budget is less then you can take solar inverter with PWM technology.

Solar Battery:

The cost of a solar battery depends on its size. If you take 4 battery inverter it will come cheap but if you take 8 battery inverter it will cost double. According to estimates, a battery costs you about 15,000 rupees.

Solar Panels:

There are three types of solar panels available in the market at present. which have different prices. These three are called polycrystalline, mono perc, and bifacial. If your budget is less and space is more then you should install polycrystalline solar panels. But if you have less space then you should install bifacial solar panels.

Types of Solar Plants:

Any solar plant can be of three types.

1) Off-grid – which supplies direct power.

2) Hybrid – Which is a combination of both off grid and on grid.

3) On-grid – which saves electricity and can be used at the time of need.

In this way, if you want to build a solar plant system, then your total expenditure will be as follows

low cost solar system

  • Solar Inverter = Rs 35,000 (PWM)
  • Solar Battery = Rs.60,000 (150 Ah)
  • Solar Panel = Rs 1,00,000 (Poly)
  • Additional Expenses = Rs.35,000 (Wiring, Stand, Etc.)
  • Total Expenditure = Rs.2,30,000

How to apply for Free Solar Panel Yojana:

For this, you go to the official website of the government, Here you can get more information. Apart from this, you can get information by contacting companies installing solar plants. Apart from this, if you want, you can also get information by contacting the government helpline number 011-2436-0707 or 011-2436-0404.


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