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PCL supports long-term energy transition

The Lone Star State is known for its barbecued brisket and country music; however, it is also the largest producer of crude oil in the United States.

It accounts for almost half of the country’s production. Research shows that Texas is at the forefront of the transition to renewables. Solar power used to be a novelty – something you would find on rooftops of the rich or on handheld calculators. Now, it’s an advanced science and has established itself as a billion-dollar market.

Solar growth

Solar has become the fastest growing form of renewable energy in the market and is a transformational opportunity for builders. According to an article in Fast Company Magazine, “unlike electricity from coal and nuclear power, solar power gets cheaper as we add capacity. Every time installed solar capacity doubles, the price of solar electricity drops by 36 percent.”

Solar center of excellence

In 2014, we saw a spike in renewables taking over the market and began to develop our U.S. solar team. In 2016, a business plan was written establishing the PCL Solar Center of Excellence (CoE) – a key pillar of PCL’s competitive advantage in solar today. By 2021, PCL Construction opened a Solar Center of Excellence office in Denver to support PCL’s expanding list of solar projects. The Solar CoE is composed of solar-specific specialists with extensive experience and has grown to include more than 40 experts. The group shares its solar expertise across our districts. When PCL takes on a solar project, the CoE is involved to varying degrees including, developing the estimate and design and offering personnel for the build. PCL has mastered finding ways to increase production and minimize constraints and risk factors, boosting client’s ROI. Looking ahead to 2024, PCL aims to execute $1.5 billion of new solar work annually.

Leading the charge

PCL made a name in solar the old-fashioned way – by adding value for its clients. PCL has always gone above and beyond to work directly with clients, owners and developers to create the best return on investment. We provide collaboration, leadership, expert insights, long-term vision and a calculated dose of risk-taking to be successful leaders in the renewable market. The market for solar is still emerging and success is never certain.

Still, PCL is set to thrive as the market gains steam and our opportunities are endless right now. With a growing portfolio of solar projects, a razor-sharp competitive advantage and a reputation for excellence, PCL will be there to lead the charge.

“Solar provides some cost certainty for our clients,” said Andrew Moles, PCL’s director of solar. “With solar power, clients get a locked-in rate of electricity guaranteed for 20 to 30 years. This means that monthly electricity costs won’t fluctuate – unlike fossil fuel prices, which change depending on supply and demand,” he said.

The environmental benefits of generating clean energy are also attractive. The sun doesn’t produce harmful by-products, and it’s a renewable source of energy, thus reducing clients’ overall carbon footprint.

“For clients looking for sustainable energy solutions, solar truly is a step forward in making the world a cleaner place to live,” said Moles.

Current solar work includes Cypress Creek Renewables Shakes Solar project, powering the equivalent of nearly 39,000 households in Ohio annually with renewable energy. This project consisted of a field with solar arrays of more than 600,000 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels arranged in rows on single-axis tracking foundations, for an estimated first year power generation of just over 413,300 megawatt hours. And Silicon Ranch Corporation, one of the nation’s largest independent solar power producers, a 20-megawatt Arlington Solar Farm, located in Early County in southwest Georgia. PCL executed the design, procurement, construction, commissioning and handover of the utility-scale solar facility. PCL Industrial Construction Co. in Houston is looking forward to shaping the future of the energy industry.

For more information about PCL’s renewable energy capabilities, visit or call (281) 249-8001.

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